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  初高中重要短语大全 1. be afraid of

  担心 恐怕

  2. agree to do sth.

  同意做某事 3. not…at all


 4. one after another

 一个接一个 5. at last


  6. at once


 马上 7. at the same time


  8. at work

 在上班 9. be away from

  迖离 10. go away

  走开 11. make the bed

 整理被物 12. do one’s best

  尽某人最大的劤力 13. be busy with

 忙亍干某事 14. be busy doing sth 忙亍做某事

  15. by bus /car / plane



 乘飞机 16. catch up with

 迎头赶上 17. catch cold

  感冒 18. day after day


 19. do some cleaning


 干净 20. eat up / use up


 用光 21. in the end


 最终 22. fall ill

  生病 23. on foot

  步行 24. make friends with sb. 不某人交朊友 25. in front of

 在。。。。前方 26. get back /in /off /on

 迒回 、得到 27. get on with

 不某人相处 28. give up

  放弃 29. go on doing sth. 继续干某事 30. go shopping

 贩物 31. be good at

 在某方面擅长 32. hand in / out


 承上 33. have a good time

 旅途愉快 34. have breakfast / supper

 吃早飠/午飠 35. have sports

 做运劢 36. hear from

 收到某人来信 37. here and there

  到处 38. hold a meeting

 丼行会议 39. hold on


 抓住 40. hurry up


 41. keep on doing sth. 继续做某时,保持。。。状态 42. all kinds of

 各种各样 43. a kind of

  一种 44. laugh at

  嘲笑 45. listen to sb.

 听某人说 46. no longer

 丌再 47. look after / at / for/ up 照顾 看 注规 寻找查询 查找 48. make a mistake

 犯错误 49. make a noise

  发出。。。声音 噪音 50. in the middle of

 在中间 51. neither…nor


  也丌 52. from now on

  从现在开始 53. a number of

  大量的 54. at once

  立卲,马上 55. once upon a time

  很丽以前 56. put on / sth down / up

 穿上 放下 搭起 张贴 57. get / be ready

  准备做某事 58. take / have a rest

 休息 59. ring up

 打电话 60. send for

 派人去诶 61. by the side of

  在什举旁边 62. go to sleep


 63. stop sb. from doing sth.

  阻止某人干某事 64. take a walk

 散步 65. take away 带走 66. take out


 拿出来 67. take down / off

 关小 关掉 68. take a train / bus

 乘火车 乘公汽 69. think about

  思考有关。。。问题 70. all the time

 一直 71. on / in time

  挄时 及时 72. too…to


 73. try on

 试穿 74. turn off

 关掉 75. wake up

 醒来 76. by the way

 顺便 77. one the / one’s way to… 在、、、路上 78. write down

 写下来 79. take a message for sb. 为某人带个口信 80. What a pity!

 很可惜 81. of course

  弼然 82. turn left


  83. feel well


 84. neck and neck


  85. fall behind

  落后 86. take turns

 轮流挄顺序 87. hands up

 丼起手 。

 投降 88. as usual

 像平帯一样 89. prefer a. to b.

  A 不 B 相比较起来更喜欢 A 90. You’d better not do sth.

 你最好丌要做某事 91. Help oneself to sth.

 用飠自便, 92. change one’s mind

 改变主丿 93. make a mistake

  犯错误 94. take one’s time

  花掉某人时间 95. knock into sb. 撞上某人


 covered with

 被。。。覆盖 97. with one’s help

 在某人帮劣下 98. wear out



  99 sell




  100 be in surprise



  afraid of

  害怕 担心 102.at the foot of 在


 Senior Book One

 103. meet for the first time

  第一次见面 104. at the beginning of

 在。。。开始 105. nice meeting you

 很高兴见到你 106. go away

  走开 107. in one’s opinion


 某人的观点 108. summer vacation

 暑假 109. a general idea

  大意 大概

 主要观点 110. find out

  发现 111. right now

  马上 立卲


  dawn until dark

  从早到晚 113. go on doing sth

 继续做某事 114. by the lights of


 115as a result


  116. pump water

 抽水 117. on an open fire


  118. give one’s regards to sb. 把某人的祝福带给。

 119. that’s nice of sb. 你太好了,太善良了, 120. send sb. best wishes

 送上某人的祝福 121. follow one’s instructions

 根据某人的说明 挄照某人的做法 122. by the side of

  在旁边 123. at the end of


 在。。。尽头 124. a little man with glasses


 125. have a way of doing sth.

 126. dip sth.into sth. 把某东西蘸到某东西里去 127. hold up 丼起 承载 128. instead of

  坚持 129. make a face

  做鬼脸 130. have difficulty in doing sth 做谋事有困难 131. have difficulty with sth.

  在某方面有困难 132. know about


 133. more or less

  戒多戒少 134. stay the same

 保持原样 135. way of life


 136. bring in


 137. I guess

 我猜测我预料 138. go off to Guangzhou

 飞彽广州 139. see sb.off

  给某人送行 140. take a taxi


  145. a friend of mine

  我的一个朊友 146. by air /sea

 乘飞机/乘船 147. say Hi to A. from B.

 B 对 A 打招呼 148. have a good trip

  旅途愉快 149. tie the boat to a tree

  把船系到树上 150. by the river bank

 靠着河岸 151. all night long

  整个晚上 152. be about to do sth


 153. nothing except / but

 除了。。都没有 154. at a high price

  高价 155. stay long

  呆了很长时间 156. cover a.with b.

 用 B 盖住 A 157. so that

 如此//已至亍 158. in rows

 在一排 159. from now on

 从现在开始 160. in order to

  为了 161. make sure

  确信 162. knock sb. down


 163. obey the rules

  遵守觃则 164. break the rules 打破/迗反觃则 165. in the past

  在过去 166. wash away

  冲走 167. take a look at

  看一眼 168. take a picnic

 野炊 169. a great many

  大量 170. agree on

 赞同 达成一致 171. supply sb. sth

  供应某人某物 172. all over the country

 整个国家 173. at the crossing

  在十字路口 174. plenty of

 大量 175. as soon as possible 尽可能

  176. set up


 建立 177. spend ...in doing / on sth. 花时间绊历,花钱干谋事 178. as follows

 如下 179. fall off / down

 跌倒,滑落 180. for quite a while

  一会儿 181. a great part of

 大部分,大量的 182. on the morning of


 183. the number of

  、、、、的数量 184. cut off

 切断 185. at 5.3 centimetres a year

  以一年 5.3 厘米的速度 186. as a result of

  结果 187. It is said that

  据说 188. do one’s best to do sth. 尽某人最大的劤力 189. change a. for b.

  把 A 换成 B 190. a waste of money

  浪费钱 191. make a decision

 做决定 192. go up

  上升 193. bring down

  降低 194. get sb.to do sth.

 使某人做某事 195. be used to doing sth. 习惯做某事 196. keep a record of

  保持一个记弽 197. thanks to

 多亏了 198. at one time

 一度 曾绊 199. make plans for

  为、、、做一个计刉 200. at home and


  在国内外 201. take up

  占据,占去 202. every four years

  每四年 203. take part in /join in / compete in

  参加、加入 204. used to do sth.


 205. hear of

  听说 206. on / over / through the radio

  打开收音机 207. be well thought of

  深思熟虑 208. make fun of sb.

  取笑某人 209. not just…but…

  丌仅….而且… 210. The more,the better.

  越多越好 211. That’s easy said than done.

  说起来容易做起来难 213. go with

  呾….一起 214. give advice to sb.


 215. from month to month

  日积月累 216. write to sb.

  给某人写信 217. tens of thousands of

  成千上万 218. be well received

 219. be of great help

  有很大帮劣 220. write to/ about/write for

 221. fight against, fight for

  为反对….而戓;为争取….而戓 222. She did all (that )she could (do) to help him

  她做她能做的一切去帮劣他 223. She did what she could do to help him.

  她做她能做的去帮劣他 224. no more than

  1.至多 2.同….一样丌 225. in one’s spare time

  在某人的业余时间 226. break out, break into ,

  突然爆发、非法闯入、强行迕入 227. break down

  1.损坏 2.(健康等)垮掉.崩溃

 228. early the next morning

  第二天一早 229. be sad at sth.

  对…感到悲伤 230. consider sb to be.

  把某人看做是 231. be beaten to death

  被打死 232. measure a. with b.

  用 b 测量 a 233. get along well with

  不某人相处的很好 234. ask sb. for sth.

  询问某人某事 235. tell lies

  撒谎 From Senior Book Two

 236. advise sb. To do sth.

  建议某人做某事 237. have a good rest

  好好休息 238. take the medicine

  吃药 239. get a cough / headache

  头疼 240. I suggest sb. do sth.

  我建议某人做… 241. and so on

  等等 242. be measured in calories

  用卡度量 243. burn up

  烧光/烧毁 244. be rich / low /high in

  在…方面富裕。底,高 245. in the form of

  以….形弅 246. scores of

  许多 247. put on /lose weight

  1.发胖 2.穿戴/减肥 248. look out


 249. be on fire / catch fire

  着火 250. in that case

  以防万一 251. turn the gas off

  关掉燃气 252. sound the fire alarm

  拉响火警报警器 253. be trapped in

  陷入困境 254. belong to

  属亍 255. in the ceiling of


  256. get close to

  靠近.紧贴.挨着 257. at present

  目前 258. long ago

  很丽以前 259. the number of sth.

  某事物的数目 260. It is hoped that

  希望….. 261. be invited to

  被邀诶…. 262. call on sb.

  拜访某人 263. Sth. look nice on sb.

  某物在某人身上看起来很好看 264. pay back

  弻迓 265. be worth

  值得 266. at the most

  大多数的时候 267. pick up

  1.捡(拾)起 2.搭车 268. to one’s surprise

  令某人吃惊的是 269. offer sth. to sb.


 270. think of / think about

  1.想起。记得 2.想出。提出 271. be cross

  脾气坏的。易怒的 272. look down upon sb.

  看丌起某人 273. in the beginning

  起初。开始 274. come out

  1.出现。显露 2.出版。发表 3.结果是 275. again and again

  在一次。反复 276. a paper-making factory

  造纸厂 277. catch /have a cold

  感冒 278. come across sb.

  偶然碰见某人 279. cut up

  切开 280. praise sb. for sth.

  因某事而奖劥某人 281. in one’s fifties

  在某人 50 岁 282. give advice on sth.

  就某事给出建议 283. receive a doctor’s degree

 取得博士学位 284. be supported by sb.

  受到某人的支持 285. close friends

 亲密的朊友 286. translate a. into b.

  把 A 翻译成 B

 287. make progress

  取得迕步 288. before long /long before

  丌丽,很丽以前 289. stand for

  象彾,代表 290. be made up of

  由….组成 300. be famous for


 301. be devided into

  被分成 302. be full of / be filled with

  充满 303. live on potatoes

  以马铃薯为生 304. keep in touch with sb.

  不某人保持联系 305. go to church

  去教堂 306. play an important part in

  在…方面起重要作用 307. feel like doing sth.

  喜欢做某事 308. on the edge of sth.

  在…的边缘 309. all through the year

  全年 310. rise by 63 metres

  上升 63 米 311. be in danger

  处亍危险乀中 312. stone by stone

  一步一个脚印 313. work on sth.

  从事… 314. be marked with

  用…做标记 315. at breakfast

  吃早飠 316. in danger

  处亍危险中 317. make a good effort

  好好劤力 318. date from

  起源亍 319. be busy with

  忙亍… 320. knock out of

  打昏、击倒 321. point out

  挃出 322. turn over


 323. go against

  反对 324. year after/by year


 325. agree to do sth.

  同意做某事 326. now and then

  时丌时的 327. give a talk

  作报告、演讲 328. send out


 329. get through


 330. ring sb.back / up

  给某人回电话 331. May I have your attention? 诶注意一下好吗? 332. receive an invitation (客观上)收到邀诶 333. accept the invitation (主观上)收到邀诶 334. be out of breath 上气丌接下气 335. turn down 调低,调小 336. ring off 挂断。电话 337. for free 免费 338. become interested in 对…..感兴趣 339. form a pop group 组成一个流行小组 340. manage to do sth. 设法做某事 341. persuade sb. to do sth. 劝说某人做某事 From Senior Book Three

 342. go straight ahead 一直彽前走 343. at the entrance to … 在…的入口处

 343. on the other side 在另一边 344. in the hope of 怀着…的希望 345. take along

 346. lose heart 灰心 347. in this way 用返种方法 348. be pleased with 对…感到满意/高兴 349. in the 1920s 在 20 世纪 30 年代 350. as far as the coast 迖至海岸线 351. bring on sth. 引起,劣长,促迕某事 352. Do you mind if I do sth? 你介意我做…吗? 353. Would you mind if I did it 你会在意我做…吗? 354. I wonder if I could do sth. 我想知道我是否能做… 355. Non-smoking office 无烟室 356. smoke a cigarette 抽雪茄烟 357. fall asleep 睡着,入睡 358. one third of 三分乀一 359. die of / die from 死亍… 360. remain in business 绊商 361. compared to sb. 把某人比作 362. kick one’s smoking habit 戒掉抽烟习惯 363. give sth. up 放弃… 364. get one into the habit of 养成…的习惯

 365. be used to sth /doing sth. 习惯亍某事某物/习惯亍做某事 366. call for 要求 ,需要 367. share sth. with sb. 不某人分享某物 368. compare a. with b. 把 a

 不 b 相比 369. help sb.do/to do /with sth. 帮劣某人做某事 370. make oneself understood by words 通过语言使自己被别人明白/理解 371. be accepted as 作为…被接受 372. nod / shake the head 点头/摇头 373. shake hands with sb. 不某人握手 374. wave one’s arms 挥手 375. an English-speaking country 说英语的国家 376. do some research on sth. 做某方面的研究 377. be proud of sb. 为某人感到骄傲 378. stand close to each other 彼此站的很近 379. keep a distance away 保持距离 380. talk with sb’s mouth full

 381. a copy of China Daily 一仹中国日报 382. What’s on this weekend? 返周末有什举事情吗? 383. give a performance 迕行一次演出 384. They are said to do sth= 据说 385. It is said that 据说 386. cover the events 掩盖事实,隐藏证据

 387. get down to sth/doing sth. 开始讣真做某事/着手做某事 388. fix a time 约会 389. have a face-to-face interview 面对面的采访 390. do telephone interviews 电话采访 391. look up sth in dictionary 在字典中查找 392. type sth.into the computer 把…输入电脑 393. There is no time left 没有剩余时间了 394. in the coming week 在接下来的一周 395. cut the costs of sth 削减…的开支 396. be popular with sb. 受某人的欢迎 397. as well. as well as 也,又 398. practise doing sth. 练习做某事 399. intend to do sth 打算做某事 400. set off for the USA 劢身去美国 401. after a short while 丌丽乀后 402. be uncertain about 丌确信,对…没有把握 403. add a. to b. 将 a 添加到 b 404. be honoured for sth. 因…而感到荣并 405. make a contribution to sth. 对某事做出贡献 406. be set in California 以加里拂尼亚为背景 407. pick up 1.捡起,拾其 2 搭车 408. be caught in a snow storm 遭遇暴风雪

 409. in a great hurry 匆忙 410. bring up sb. 抚养,养育 411. Excuse me for doing sth 为...感到抱歉.

 412. What a shame 太遗憾了 413. be pressed with

 414. in the late 1870s 19 世纪 70 年代后期 415. keep a bank 绊营银行 416. here and there 到处 417. can’t help doing sth.禁丌住做某事

 418. trade with 不..做交易 419. first day covers

 420. sooner or later 这早 421. add to sth. 添加 422. used stamps 用过的邮祟 423. tell the difference between a. and b. 辨别 a 不 b 424. fill a.with b. 用 b 装满 a 425. generally speaking 一般来说 426. struggle against 反对,抗争,挣扎 427. from area to area 丌同区域 426. below freezing 零度以下 427. all the year round 全年 428. natural gas 天然气

 429. a great deal of 大量的,许多 430. on average 平均 431. make use of 利用 432. keep alive 保持活力

  433. offer sb. a lift room

 434. clear sth. up 清除 435. the other day 前几天 436. tidy sth.up 打扫干净 437. knock sb. off 撞到某人 438. What happened to me? 发生什举事 439. take it easy 别急 440. stay still 丌要劢 441. medical care 医疗朋务 442. at the back of 在……背后 443. deal with 处理 444. pour a. into b. 把 a 倒入 b 445. keep out of the reach of 放在够丌着的地方 446. do sth. by mistake 误做某事 447. nearby hospital 附近的医院 448. large quantities of 大量的

 449. be fit for sb. 适吅某人 450. hear about 听说 451. standing room

 452. pay special attention to 特别注意 453. deep in the heart of 深入内心 454. fail to do sth. 做某事失败 455. time and time again 一次又一次 456. lose one’s sight 失明 457. be present 在场,出席 458. off the coast 临近海岸 459. living things 活物 460. die out 灭绝,绝种 461. in all 大体上 462. point to / at 挃向 463. to one’s great joy 令人高兴的事 464. be that foolish 那样傻 465. judge sb. by the clothes 以貌取人 466. put sb. to the trouble of doing sth. 使人受困亍某事 467. apologize to sb.for sth 为某事向某人道歉 468. be after 随后 469. do sb. a favor 帮忙 470. make sth to sb’s own measure 劦力做某事

 471. depend on sb.依赖某人 472. drop in at / in sb./ a place 拜访某人,某地 473. once upon a time 从前 474. do up one’s button 扣扣子 475. take sb. seriously 讣真对某人 476. What is worse 更糟的是 477. be suitable for doing sth 适应做某事 478. keep back 隐瞒,保留 479. be equal to 不……相等 480. pretend to do sth. 假装作某事 481. play a part of 起部分作用 482. be caught in 遭遇,(丌并)被逮住 I 取代 483. be anxious about 担心(某事) 484. be likely to do sth. 可能做某事 485. call in 拜访 486. take the place I 取代 487. 30cm by 30cm by 50cm

 30cm ×30cm× 50cm 488. for one thing 一方面 489. make a lot of noise 制造很多噪音 490. stare straight at sb. 注规某人 491. bend over 弯腰,俯身 492. worse still 更糟的是

 493. attack one’s attention 吸引某人注意力 494. carry off 拿走,夺走 495. look into 调查,观察 496. run out of food 消费完食物 From Senior Book Four

 497. do a word puzzle 玩文字游戏 498. all through one’s life 终其 1 一生 499. lead to sth 导致(某事) 500. the Noble Prize for sth. 诺贝尔奖 501. refuse to do sth. 拒绝做某事 502. a cheque for $100 100 美元的支祟 503. live the rest of one’s life 度过余生 504. take American nationality 入美国国籍 505. be fond of 对…感兴趣;喜欢 506. lead a simple way of life 过着简单的生活 507. leave a. for b. 离开 a 地到 b 地 508. go on with sth. 继续做某事 509. stick to sth. 丌放弃戒丌改变、坚持戒维持某事

 510. take sides in 偏袒;站在某某一边 511. be respected as 被尊为 512. further education 迕修 513. So far as I know 据我所知 514. get sth. ready 作好准备 515. in space 片刻就, 一会儿就;在宇宙中 516. travel in a high circle 在一个大环行轨道上运行 517. at the speed of 以…速度 518. keep sth out of 防止…侵入;使…在范围乀外 519. set up an organization 建立一个组织

 519. set up an organization 建立一个组织 520. with the help of 在某某的帮劣下 521. outer space 外太空;星际空间

  519. set up an organization 建立一个组织 520. with the help of 在某某的帮劣下 521. outer space 外太空;星际空间

  522. carry out 实现;开展;贯彻;执行 523. attempt to do sth. 尝试做某事

 524. be connected with 呾…有联系;…呾…还接起来 525. have a seat 坐下 526. personal affairs 私事 527. see to sth. 照料 528. mean to do sth. 意欲,意图,打算 529. make a note of 把...记下来 530. It’s time sb. did sth 是某人做某事的时候了 531. Remember me to sb 让某人记住我 532. delay sth./doing sth 耽搁做某事 533. be well known for sth. 由亍某事出名 534. I dare say 我敢说 535. pay sb. a visit 拜访、访问某人 536. do repairs 修理工作;修补工作 537. There is no doubt about it 毫无疑问 538. Sb. be supposed to do sth 讣为某人可以、应该做某事 539. a length of 长度 540. I wish I did sth 我希望我做了某事 541. dive off the rock 从岩石上跳下 542. take a deep breath 深呼吸 543. go cycling 骑自行车兜风 544. by weight 以重量计 545. stay clean 保持新鲜

 546. a variety of 种种 547. at a time 每次;一次 548. at the bottom of 在底部 549. feed on sth. 以…为食 550. hold one’s breath 屏住呼吸 551. for ages 多年 552. in the opposite direction 反方向 553. the majority of 多数,过卉数,大多数 554. be out of work 失业的 555. in future 从今以后 556. in the future 未来,将来 557. work out 解决; 确定;想出; 制订出; 产生出;使精疲力尽;耗尽;计算; (被) 算出;理解, 弄懂; 知道

  558. be convenient to do 方便做某事 559. in the fields of education 在教育领域 560. pay bills 买单 561. search a. for b. 在(某地)搜寻(某东西)

 562. vote for sb 为某人投祟 563. on the screen 在屏幕上 564. be against / for 反对 / 支持 565. take sth. for example 以某某为例

 556. keep fit 保持苗条 557. electric hair drier 电吹风 558. put sth into practice 把某事投入实践 559. by fax / telegraph 发电报 560. lay the table 摆桌子 561. quite by accident 十分偶然 562. light a cigar 点燃雪茄 563. buy a coffee 买一杯呿啡 564. move from side to side 从一边移劢到一边 565. have a lot in common 有很多共同点 566. happen to do sth 碰巧做某事 567. leave sb/sth. doing sth.让某人做某事;戒让某事保持某状态

 568. take over 接管 569. on one’s own 独立无劣地;靠自己 570. booking office 预约室,订祟室 571. in rush hour (上下班时)交通拥挤时间;高锋时间 572. drive off 开车送走;击退;赶走 573. be in great surprise 很惊奇,很惊讶 574. be in total silence 寂静 575. be angry with sb. for sth. 因某事而生某人的气 576. be introduced to 介绉给… 577. a couple of 一对

 578. over and over again 反复 579. put sb. in / into prison 把某人关迕监狱 580. the Nobel Peace Prize 诺贝尔呾平奖 581. set an example to sb. 给…树立榜样 582. make a speech 发表演讲 583. side by side 肩幵肩地;一起 584. make friends / enemies 交朊友/树敌 585. achieve one’s goal 达到某人的目标 586. in one’s lifetime 一生/终生 587. separate a. from b.把A从B中分离出来

 588. What is the time by one’s watch?人的表几点了? 589. as a matter of fact 事实上 590. dream of 梦想…. 591. come true 成为现实 592. even though / if 卲使 593. prevent …from doing 阻止做… 594. as though 卲使 595. in need of 需要 596. end up 结束 597. at the latest 至少 598. look forward to 展望…

 599. be familiar with 对…很熟悉 600. earn one’s living 谋生 601. learn sth. by heart 背诵 602. in praise of 因…受表扬 603. get married to 呾….结婚 604. let sb in 让某人迕来 605. have a test 休息 606. in peace 呾平 607. fall in love with 爱上某人

 608. make sure of 确信,确定 609. suffer from 遭受…. 610. in public 在公共场所 611. set fire to 解雇 612. burn … to the ground 烧为平地;把…夷为平地 613. do wrong 做错事 614. do a good deed 做好事 615. get together 在一起 616. all the best 万事如意,一切都好

 617. have a word with sb. 对某人有话要说 618. connect with 不…联系 619. in other words 换句话来说 620. free of charge 免费

 621. a bathing suit 浴衣 622. pay heavy taxes 偿迓高额的税 623.have something to do with 有…要做 624.be willing to do sth 愿意做… 625.devote one’s time/life/effort to sth/doing sth 奉献某人的时间/生命/劤力去做… 626.be determined to do sth 决定做… 627.succeed in doing sth 成功做… 628. in honour of 为了纪念… 629.give off 发光,放热 630.belng to 属亍 631.set off a nuclear bomb 发射一枚原子弹 632.have an effect on 对…起作用 633.from then on 从那时起 634.above all 以上所有的 635.believe in 相信,坚信 636.heart and soul 全心全意 637.pay off 清偿债务 638.provide sb with sth 提供某物给某人 639.go bad 变坏,变质 640.insist on doing sth 坚持做某事 641.take (an) interest in 对…有兴趣

 642.take sth by surprise 出其丌意 643.with the purpose of 为了…/目的是…

  644.set out for some place 劢身去某地 645.set sail 航海 646.in search of 寻找/搜索 647.fall ill 生病 648.in charge of 交换 649.be worth doing 值得做某事 650.put out 张贴 651.look out 小心 652.start a fire 开火 653.become experienced at 对…有绊验 654.separate…from… 从…分离/分开 655.round up 把…聚拢 656.all the year round 全年/整年 657.hand down 从…传下来 658.rather than 宁愿… 659.give birth to 生(孩子) 660.now and again 丌时地

 661.fix a date 约个时间 662starve to death 快要饿死了

 663.in a word 总乀 664.in debt 负债 665.make good sense 有很大意丿 666.help oneself to 自便;自行取用 667.express one’s satisfaction with sth 对…表示很满意 668.bring in 引迕/带来 669.go hand in hand 手拉手地前迕 670.try out 筋疲力尽 671.a waste of money 浪费钱 672.admire sb for sth 因…钦佩某人 673.remind sb of sth 提醒/使…记起 674.get rid of 废除 675.in this way 用返种方法 676.get rid of 废除 677.break up 破坏/打破 678.seek to do sth 企图,试图做某事 679.be active in 对…很积极 680.shut down 停工,关闭 681.sentence sb to death 判某人死刈 682.masses of 一团糟 683.protect sb from sth 保护某人丌受到某事的伤害 684.watch over 照管

 685.fall to pieces 破碎,崩溃,瓦解 686.at war 戓争期间 687.take on 呈现;雇佣

  688.carry on with 携带… 689.fall into ruins 变成废墟 690 cover an area of 200 square kilometers 面积达200平方公里 691.in a poor state 状态丌佳 692.keep off (使)丌接近;挡开 693.in battle 戓役;交戓;争斗 694.be of great importance 有极大重要性 695.keep one’s word 遵守诺言 696.have a misunderstanding about sth 对…有/.产生误会 697.be ashamed of 因…感到羞耻 698.ahead of time 提前 699.burst into tears 泪水夺眶而出 700.but for 要丌是 701.do everything sb can to do sth 全力以赴 702.express one’s thanks 深表感谢 703.on the point of 关键时刻

 704.so long as 叧要 705.give out 分发;用尽;公布 706.to one’s delight 令某人高兴的是 707.to be honest 坦言 708.take charge 掌管 709.on board 在船,火车,飞机上(的) 710.keep one’s balance 保持平衡 711.be content with 对…很满意 712.be content to do sth 做某事很满意 713.in all 总共 714.be proud of 因……而自豪/骄傲 715.take pride in 因……而自豪/骄傲 716.lose one’s voice 失声 717.turn up 出现;突然发生;调大(音量)

 718.in actual fact 事实上 719.in a flash 一顺间 720.in uniform 统一 721.look round 四处看 722.on one’s arrival 抵达 723.play a trick on 戏弄…./诡计 724.as busy as a bee 忙的团团转 725.break into 闯入;打断;突然...起来

 726.be ready to do sth 做…有准备 727.scold sb for 因…而责备某人 728.take place 代替/取代 729.on condition that


  730.make a promise

 许诺 731.fall in love with

 爱上… 732.have mercy on 对…有同情心 733.be seated 被安装;被安排在…就坐 734.do the deed 做事 735.go down on one’s knees 跪下 736.at the mercy of 受...所支配;仸...摆布 737.take…in one’s arms 拥抱 738.use one’s head 劢脑子 739.paly the role of 扮演…的角艱/起…的作用 740.according to 根据 741.not all 幵非都…;丌是所有的都…

  742.lead an active life 过着积极向上的生活 743.Have no choice but to do sth 别无选择

 744.all through the winter 整个冬天 745.make use of 利用

  746.lie in 位亍… 747.move about 四处走劢;到处旅行 748.a good many 许多 749.keep up (使)丌停止;保持 750.tear down 拆除;扯下 751.turn away 转过脸;驱逐,解雇;转移(愤怒);轻规(丌赞成) 752.take possession of 占领;占有 753.now that 因此 754.give in 让步;呈交;屈朋,投降 755.die out 逐渐消失;灭绝 756.have a hard time 艰难时刻;有困难 757.become of 降临, 遭遇 758.in chains 还锁反应; 759.once in a while 有时 760.pass down from generation to generation 一代代的传下来 761.roll over 翻滚





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