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  There are five people in my family, father, mother, sister, brother and I, my family lives on the third floor, I know many neighbors, they are good to me.

  My father work in a motor company in linkou, he have to go to work every day to seven, eight o clock in the evening to get back home, mom didnt go to work, so she stays at home every day doing housework, send us adding and dropping classes, help my sister do lunch at noon.

  My sister has been on the junior high school, she has to get up at six more, when I get up every day so when all could not see her, the elder sister my homework is very good, I have no questions, she will be very patient to teach me. My brother how didnt go to the kindergarten class at eight o clock in the morning every day, sometimes I go to class when he is still in bed!

  My father and mother are all very concerned about me, I dont work, would they I, but also teach me how to do a lot of housework.

  I like my family because mom and dad are very love me also very concerned about me, although my mother is very fierce, I exam will be punished when Im bad, but I know they are good for me. Im in a bad mood, they will ask me what is, why is the mood bad

  I think my family is very warm and happy, so I love my family and the family.








  Everyone has a family.We live in it and feel very warm.There are three persons in my family,my mother,father and I.We live together very happily and there are many interesting stories about my family.

  My father is a hard-working man.He works as a doctor.He always tries his best to help every,patient and make patients comfortable.But sonetimes he works so hard that he cant remember the date.

  My mother is a woman with a bad memory.

  She always does a lot of housework,but sometimes she makes mistakes out of carelessness.For example,one day,she washed clothes in the washer,after the washer finished the work,she found she hadnt filled the washer with water.

  Now let me tell you a funny thing:one day,father wanted to get up early as usual,buthe wasnt able to do that,because he hadnt set the alarm clock the night before,so when he got up,he did everything in a hurry.After father left,mother said to me mysteriously,He will come back soon.

   Why I was greatly surprised.Because today is Sunday,his holiday! Just as mother said,father came back home soon,and went to bed again--he was too tired.

  You see,what an interesting family have!I hope that you will have one like mine,too.


  我爸爸工作认真.他是一名医生,他总是尽他最大的努力 去帮助每一位病人,尽力使他们感觉舒服.有的时候,他工作太认真以致于忘了日期.




  I have a happy family, the home have father, mother and a lovely me.

  My father is a tall, like to wear casual clothes, he is the most handsome in my mind. Dad work is very busy, often on a business trip is not at home, every time come back, he immediately picked up me, look at the watch again, kissed and kissed, always make me itch on his face.

  He was also a wrong just change a good dad. Father very love, not only did he love me very much, also like the other children in our corridor. My father likes reading a newspaper, to see for a while before going to bed.

  Mother thin white, long hair, she put on the blue dress vest appear special spirit. She is not only my mother, or my bosom friend! We also give each other up a nickname, the mother call idiot, because she sometimes playing dumb, so I just old called her idiot.

  Mom just call me heels, because I always like behind her ass. Every time I play the piano, she will be very carefully supervise me, every time when checking homework, she will check carefully, mother is very strict with my study.

  I was a member of the smallest, and is also the most mischievous. Like a little tiger, you have to sleep like a little dead dog, the play will forget to go home, like a wild rabbit.

  Although I have a lot of shortcomings, but I also have a lot of advantages. I lively and cheerful, treats people the enthusiasm, also like father has the compassion, likes to help others.

  This is my family, a very happy family. Welcome the classmates to my home to visit.